CBNi at CCOIC “Workshop on Globalization and Development of Enterprises”
发布时间:2023-01-05 15:39:45

The workshop was held under the theme of “Charm of Africa and Development Opportunities for Chinese Enterprises”. A keynote speech was made by Liu Guijin, former Chinese ambassador to South Africa and Zimbabwe, and Zhang Yixiang, executive general manager of China-Africa Teda Investment Co., Ltd., respectively. A seminar was then held by Former Ambassador Liu Guijin, Professor He Wenping of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and other experts and leaders. It was agreed that there are both opportunities and risks for Chinese enterprises investing in Africa. The rate of return on investment in Africa is 24%-30%, the highest of the continents, according to McKinsey & Company’s research. At the same time, Chinese companies are also faced with political instability, cultural differences, backward infrastructure, traditional and non-traditional safety threats in African countries. The following suggestions were made for Chinese enterprises in cooperation with Africa: First, we must examine local politics, economy, law and culture and control business risks in advance. Second, we must undertake social responsibility and help to create more jobs and raise the living standards in Africa through cooperation. Third, we need to promote cultural exchanges and build a folk bridge between China and Africa. Fourth, we need to combine the successful experience of China in social and economic development with the actual situation of Africa to help Africa’s development and create a future of mutual benefit and common development.

  The workshop facilitates employees’ understanding of the investment environment in Africa, opportunities and challenges of China-Africa cooperation and development, and the company’s positioning and business development direction as well.

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